Wednesday, April 22, 2009

33 Weeks and Counting. . .

(Horrible picture of me--I know. But it was the last belly photo before they were born!)

Well, as a lot of you know from my Facebook activity, I got my fat feet shoes yesterday and let me just say--what a marked improvement! My feet are actually breathing again.

It was a good day yesterday--had another full ultrasound. Took nearly two hours, as neither baby wanted to cooperate with the tech. Should have only lasted about twenty minutes--I was MORE than ready to get out of there!

Liam is currently "frank breech," meaning he's sitting directly (and boy can I feel it!) on my cervix, head in the middle of my abdomen with his toes near his eyes. Grace is still "transverse"--which she has been most of the time. Luckily, she's gotten big enough she's only partially wedged in my ribs now--she's dropped her head to be down right next to Liam's. They're so close now--pretty cute. Anyway, her head is still towards my left, and her body drapes down my whole right side. Her feet look like they're resting on my hip bone. A little peculiar, but as long as she's comfy. . . .

Based on their measurements, Grace has slightly edged out Liam now. She's 4 lbs. 15 oz. (72nd %ile), and Liam is 4 lbs. 14oz. (69th %ile). Another couple of days and they'll hit the five pound marker! They don't even attempt to get length with multiples, I guess, because of their positions. But we're getting to good sizes--officially out of the premie stage, which is a big relief! I had to look again at their bottoms, too, because I still can't believe how lucky we are to be getting one of each, but yes, it's true. Yesterday's views made it very apparent. Unfortunately,
neither would pose properly, so I didn't even get one ultrasound picture, but I can't complain.

We're about done getting the house ready. The cats are trying to find their places with all the chaos, too. I had to laugh at this one, because we've had the bassinets set up for nearly two weeks, but I hadn't "made" them yet. The day after I put sheets on and set a couple of "pillows" inside, Jackson decides he's found a new bed. Little bugger. . .

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Week 31. Ooof.

Sean keeps telling me I don't look any bigger--but all I can say is I FEEL GI-NORMOUS! The doctor told me at my last appointment he could easily induce at week 37 instead of 38, based on their rapid growth. I say "take 'em out now!," but I know they still need a little time to incubate.

On March 19th, at my last ultrasound, they were both over three pounds. Dr. L told me then they were growing at about a half-pound per week. Well, that makes them 4 1/2 each now, and boy howdy are they taking up a lot of room. He said they'd continue at that rate until about the end of April, then they'd start to slow down. Oooof again.

Lastnight we went swimming at our local community pool, and it felt as if the weight of the world (or at least two babies) was temporarily lifted. I'm going to make Sean take me a lot in the next month. Oh, and I'm starting to waddle, I'm afraid. And getting out of bed at night to pee now takes me longer for the out/in debacle than the actually peeing. I'm snoring so much Sean's sleeping in the guest bed. My cankles are officially here to stay--they go down quite a bit at night, but otherwise--I'm trying to adjust to the constant tightness. (And yes, the doctor's seen them and says it's fine--to be expected as long as my blood pressure is okay, which it is.)
Anyhoo, things are progressing marvelously, and we're still feeling blessed! The clothes are washed and put away, we've got the bouncy seats and bassinets assembled, one crib down with one more to go. The car seats are ready to be installed, the double snap-n-go is assembled--now we wait.
Took a picture this morning of what I see when I look down at my desk at work. Put a pen in there for comparison. Sorry for the sideways view, but you get the (LARGE) point.