Friday, July 17, 2009

Coconut Cream Pie

I was so excited with how this turned out, I just had to share! Definitely a pie worth making, in our opinion.

Grace is Smiling and "Talking"!

She's right on track, as we knew. My prediction is, based on her rate of development, she'll be walking by nine or ten months. She's already a mover!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Baby Baby


Sean's decided that the old nursery song, Papa's Gonna' Buy You a Mockingbird, is too girly for Liam. Sure, he'll sing it to Grace any time, but he's working on a new and improved "boy" version.

Hush little baby, don't get upset
Papa's gonna' buy you a big Lego set.

If that Lego set has no rocket,
Papa's gonna' buy you a quarter-inch socket.

If that quarter-inch socket is broken,
Papa's gonna' buy you a golden token.

If that golden token won't pay off,
Papa will make fun of David Hasselhoff.

. . . . to be continued. Good start, though. We're currently looking for any suggestions to finish.

Two Month Check-Up

Today was our two month check-up. Photo above is of the two squirts on the exam table. While Liam was four ounces behind Grace at birth, you'd never know it now!

Liam is now 21.25" long, and weighs in at 9lb 12oz.
Grace is 20.50" long, and weighs 8lb 11oz.

Developmentally, we've always been told we have to rank them on their gestational age--not their actual age. However, the doctor gave us a list of things 2-4 m/o's should be doing right now, and we're pretty much right on track!
  • Makes babbling, cooing sounds -- Just starting
  • Eyes follow moving objects; focuses closely on faces -- check
  • Head bobs when held sitting -- Liam definitely, Grace is starting to
  • Reaches for objects, may hold rattle briefly -- not yet
  • Rolls side to side -- check
  • Smiles; responds and enjoys people -- check, but still needs more progress
Formula got adjusted--so far they're much happier eating. No spit up to report. They each got two shots and one oral vaccine. Cried hard for a minute, then they were done.

Whew. The biggest relief is that they sleep well at night. We're only getting up once late night, then again early morning. Wouldn't be surprised if they start sleeping through the night within a couple more months, if they keep it up. Niiiiiiiccccceeee.

Missing Dottie

Just missing my old friend, Dottie, a little today. She was a donor of mine at The Salvation Army. A lonely old lady with whom I struck a unique friendship. We shared a lot of woes together, and she never failed to surprise me with her insight on men. This, being a woman who never married, but knew a lot about the other sex.

Dottie died just before Christmas this past year. Her sister, who lived across the street, died almost exactly two years earlier. When I was helping Dottie clean out Elenore's house, she cut off some rose starts from outside the house--she knew she was dying of cancer, and couldn't bare the thought of the houses being sold without any one she knew caring for the roses. I was skeptical at first, but today when I looked outside my front window, I see the first blossom of two growing. I know she'd be so proud. And I'm so happy I'm able to carry on with a little part of her.

Hope you see 'em, Dottie. You'd be impressed with my green thumb, for sure!