Sunday, July 18, 2010



Summer Fun

Of course it's only been hot enough one day this year to play in our awesome pool (birthday gift), and Liam was much more interested in the hose than the pool, but whatever. The kids look cute regardless. :o)

Crazy Babies

So, brief update to those I haven't talked to for a while. Grace started walking the last week of June, and is already a pro. She's very pleased with herself and as she took her time, has a lot less spills than her brother did when he started in March.

This weekend, they both really took off with their first words. One each. Of course they do the "mama" and "dada" thing, but these are REAL words! Grace is doing "uh oh," and Liam is saying "Hi". SO CUTE! Grace can also meow and moo; Liam could care less about the animals except for when he has the opportunity to pull the cats tail or chase him around the yard.