Thursday, November 12, 2009

Grace Eats Cereal

I've been waiting and waiting to feed these kids! How fun! And they totally LOVE sitting in their new "big" chairs. Grace is still figuring out how to make her tongue work, but she's coming along. . .

Grace Bath Time

Liam Bath Time

I actually got some bath footage. On a quiet night, nonetheless, but bath time all the same.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Twins Class Reunion

Forgot to post this a while
ago. On October 11th, we got together with our multiples parenting class we took at Swedish Hospital. Only seven out of the twelve couples were able to make it, unfortunately. All of these babies were born within about a month-and-a-half of each other. Liam and Grace actually got to be roommates in the nursery for a couple of weeks with another set born 22 hours later--we still get together with their parents. Thought it'd be fun for the kids to stay friends.

Totally fun and chaotic. Interestingly enough, out of the seven sets of twins there--all were boy/girl sets except one twin girl and one twin boy set.

Halloween Photos

Some lady friends of mine, Sandra and Jean, were kind enough to get the kids Halloween costumes this year. (I wasn't going to bother, as I knew they wouldn't really be thrilled with the idea--thought I could save a little money. They weren't so fond of the idea of NO costumes, though.) Although they only lasted about ten minutes--enough for the pictures--at least we can say they had some. And whilst a little big--they did look pretty stinkin' cute.

Happy Half-Birthday, my loves!

It's so very hard for me to believe that six months ago today, I became a mother at 4:30 am. There are times when it seems these two have been around forever, and other times where I suddenly feel sad for the time going so quickly.

I WAS born to be a mother. I just never knew how rewarding or life changing it would be. When faced with that obstacle of "Will it ever happen?"--well, there was nothing more depressing to me. When we were told that twins were on the way, my heart skipped a beat and changed. I still look at these two and have to cry; tears of happiness. Words cannot express how blessed I feel when I look at these little miracle babies. I usually think of myself as a good writer, but when it comes to describing my thoughts towards Liam and Grace, I find myself stumbling and somewhat speechless. Sean and I have both agreed--that it really doesn't matter what happens to us--where we live, what jobs we have, etc.--now that we have these two, life is complete. Period.